5 Reasons to do a Facemask tonight

Delicious Skin SMOOTH Exfoliating Mask


To me, this is number one (obvs. because it’s number one, HA). I could go into how I hardly have any time, and I am sure you could too. For some of us it’s work, travel, cooking, attempting to getting a solid 8 hours sleep so you don’t turn into a sub-par human, family, friends, social engagement, hobbies, exercise, KIDS! YIKES! We all have all of the things we are trying to balance- some weeks that balance is just right and some weeks we drop everything. But in that bliss or chaos- me time should be the one consistent.

Because you can’t be a good person if you are not giving yourself the love and care you deserve.

The longest and most important relationship you will have is with yourself and it takes constant and consistent nurturing. This is also the first thing we all tend to discard in the chaos of life. So this is me- giving you permission to block out a minimum of 1 hour per week to do this thang. Do whatever you need to make this happen.

For me it’s a Thursday and I don’t schedule anything, ever, with anyone on a Thursday. I have also had to communicate to Levi (my partner) that I need 1 hour to myself and please don’t talk to me till I emerge from the bathroom glowing and fresh thank you very much! I draw a bath, light some candles, grab a book and melt into oblivion. It is wonderful for both of us and I cannot recommend this time and this point enough. You might not like baths, candles or books- that’s cool, do what feels good for you and it might be different every week! Just carve out 1 hour. Just 1 hour. You can do this!


Making a facemask out of #whatchugot is something that allows you to use up items that you have in your fridge so that they don’t go to waste, save money, have fun, experiment and find something that works for you, is likely Delicious and you know what is going into your skincare! Which is truly rare these days! You can read more about our Delicious Ingredients here. P.S they are all plant based, vegan, cruelty free, fragrance free, palm oil free and chemical preservative free! All the free’s!


I believe plants literally have magical powers. Do you remember the delight as a child of trying a new fruit or discovering native plants that were edible? I grew up in NZ and my Daddy (yes I STILL call him daddy, *facepalm*) used to pick me bush peanuts- which are the baby ends of a fern frond and they really do taste like peanuts! Lately I have been learning more about Australian natives and every time I find a new edible plant growing on the coastline I am infinitely happy. My favourite are pigs faces! Yum! In saying all of this the ritual of using plants has a way of helping us to create a sense of awe, gratefulness and grounding or connecting us to the earth. Something I believe we all need in this fast paced and technologically based world!


Plants have been used to treat, heal and improve skin quality for centuries. Different plants have different qualities so I like to mix something up based on what I think I would benefit from each time. But in brief facemasks can help to heal, reduce redness, irritation and itch, fight acne and bacteria, hydrate, provide anti-oxidants to fight aging, smooth, exfoliate, detoxify (clean all of the gunk out of pores), refine pores and even skintone. HALLELUJAH sign me up!


Using a facemask will help the other skincare products you use do their job better and more efficiently! All of the above benefits mentioned lead to skin that is more able to absorb product quicker and deeper! This is partly because hydrated skin is healthier and a little spongier. Partly because regular facemasks gently exfoliate and leave less dead skin on the surface which can block the product absorption. I also look at regular skincare like a cycle, which can go either way. When you are consistent with your routine and use a high quality, natural product you get great results that encourage you to keep it up- and your skin just gets better! When you use products that are full of water, chemicals, fragrances and other unmentionables your skin is likely thirsty for nourishment and nutrients it needs to find a good balance and be healthy. It tends to overcompensate by producing access oil or becoming fry and flaky and is always trying to heal rather than rejuvenate. A regular facemask is a wonderful, neccessary and sometimes overlooked step in an effective skincare routine!

Next week I will be sending out 3 of my favourite DIY mask recipes for you to try at home + a little bonus! See you then! Have a wonderful week.

xoxo Nicola Marie.