After 1 week using SOFT Moisturising Cream

I have ALWAYS suffered from severe eczema to the point that I was bullied through primary school and high school. I would wear long sleeves and pants year round because I was so embarrassed. I was ALWAYS itchy, my skin was often cracked, bleeding and infected- nothing helped. I was routinely using strong, harsh, skin thinning steroid creams which helped the itch but the patches never healed completely- just varied in severity. It was a nightmare! These days I swear by our SOFT Moisturising Cream and these days that is all I use. It doesn't irritate, and although it doesn't help with the itch during periods of severity (I use ice too cool the inflammation) it is so thick and nourishing that it aids with healing and creates a barrier to prevent infections. 


Delicious Skin before and after eczema prone skin

After 3 days using SOFT Moisturising Cream


I was SO sceptical of natural products and methods of clearing your skin. I got to the point were I begged my parents to let me go on roaccutane, all because my bad skin would give me anxiety. I somehow decided to give natural methods a go and THANK GOD I DID  . Now my skin is by no means perfect, but it is 10x better than it was.

Although a lot of it had to do with changing my diet (from animal flesh, secretions and hormones to one filled with plants and wholefoods). I did just want to mention to products, that I have talked about before: that have helped my skin so much.

Firstly, the silk serum by @deliciousskin is MY FAVOURITE PRODUCT of all time. the mix of argan oil and rosehip oil hydrates my skin, while the peppermint, tea tree and chamomile essential oils help balance bacteria and inflammation. I SWEAR by this serum.

- @mikkizoe

I've been using this brand for quite a while now and I will never change!!  It is absolutely beautiful. The cleanser smells incredible and makes face feel even better!! It does an awesome job at getting off waterproof mascara to! The moisturiser makes my face feel lovely but not oily! Added bonus of making my fave smell like cake!! The serum and exfoliator are just as great. Thanks so much Nicola, your products have transformed my skin!!


Literally hands down the most amazing vegan skin care I have ever used, and ever will use. The lipbalms are insane, the serum is soooo nice and the butter cream moisturiser is so creamy and chocolatey! Love love love this brand, Nicola is absolutely beautiful and you can really tell love is put straight into these products! ❤︎ Life long customer right here.


This cleanser is awesome! It can double as a moisture mask and does not strip your face of any natural oils. Just don't be tempted to eat it, it smells divine !! 😉


After 4 days using SUPPLE Silk Serum

A week ago my son of 10 months of age broke out with a what I thought to be severe rash. Couldn't figure out if it was an allergy to food, bed bugs or some other type of bite. Visited a GP who immediately prescribed Elocon Cream!! Upon purchase, the cream seemed very familiar. I realised my husband uses this occasionally for his eczema problem. It is a VERY strong corticosteroid based cream!! Doc. said would clear up if used in 5 days. No way, I'm going to put something so toxic and powerful on my baby's delicate young skin. So I cleaned his hands with rose water and applied delicious skin silk serum which is 100 % natural and has no nasties. It cleaned up in 4 days. Bloody brillant!! Thank you Delicious Skin!


After 4 weeks using CLEAN, SUPPLE + SMOOTH

I don’t think I shut up telling people about your products. I couldn’t recommend it more highly!


I absolutely love your products! The oil cleanser is perfect - I have searched high and low for something strong enough to get my makeup off but gentle on my sensitive skin. And same for the silk serum! It is just that - so silly! They are the perfect balance! Thank you for your amazing products! And thank you for your excellent customer service.                                                                                                                                               -  MICHAELA HAYES


I love this product! It smells delicious, the texture is perfect – not too soft and not so hard that you can’t apply enough to put on your lips and it seems to last forever! My kids also love this product, it leaves our lips soft and smooth – no more cracks at all, it also has a great natural taste.

This is my fave lip salve ever!


This stuff (SOFT) is wonderful and it smells so good! There are times I seriously wish I could lick it off my face because that’s how good it smells; and you know what? As it’s all organic and natural, I actually could!

My skin feels so smooth after using and I’m a grandma! Keep up the good work!


Have come back to re-order I love it so much! Super silky and hydrating, smells so natural and delicious.


This (CLEAN Butter Cleanser) is by far my favorite product in the entire range (next to the supple silk serum). It is so smooth and silky and smells delicious! I just want to leave it on. It is the BEST cleanser I have ever used on my face, and it makes me feel good to know that its all natural. I will never go back to store bought or any other chemically made facial products!


One of my favorite mask ever!!! Because it smells so goooooood, that smell makes me feel like I am taking a great care of myself. Not only it's good for my skin, it's also good for my mind :) It leaves my skin super smooth, I love it.


After 1 week using CLEAN, SUPPLE + SMOOTH

I can’t get over the change this product has made on my skin. for the past 6 months I’ve been battling stress/hormonal/PCOS related acne which is so not fun for someone my age. after two weeks of using the butter cleanser and silk serum i’ve had no new pimples, redness has reduced significantly and my scarring has reduced. TWO WEEKS! my skin is also buttery soft and i don’t get any weird flaky dryness that i used to get constantly using conventional products. I’ve still got a long way to go but I can’t wait to see the changes that are to come! ♥                                        


I am so glad I came across Delicious Skin, it has made an amazing difference to my skin in such a short period of time. Honestly I was nervous about using a skin care range built on natural oils, however I have combination skin with some horrid dry patches and thought why not.

It is an adjustment changing from harsh chemical products to a range so natural but I’m really glad I gave this taster pack a try. I discovered less is more, a face washer is the only other requirement and by the time I finished the taster pack I wondered if my skin had ever really been hydrated and clean before.

I also able to cut my use of primer and foundation in half, everything glided onto my skin effortlessly and my skin never felt oily or tight, as it had often before.

Best change I’ve made for my skin in a long time! x


I've been running low on my butter cleanser and supple skin serum, and was going to hold out until the next festival to purchase. But I couldn't help it after using the only product I had left of Delicious Skin- the exfoliating mask! 

I'll begin with the butter cleanser. It is extremely soothing, hydrating and makes my skin feel beyond supple, it's for all your senses! 

The supple skin serum is a life saver whenever I get a pimple. I apply it on the pimple at night, and the next day, it's gone! Not only that, this gets my skin looking and feeling extra hydrated and soft after the cleanser. 

And if I was doubting how good the products were (because of how long it's been since I've used the cleanser and serum), the exfoliating mask reminded me why I loved Delicious Skin so much. My skin was feeling SO weird today; bumpy, dry patches everywhere, and oily in the T-zone... immediately after wiping my face clean of the mask, my skin texture got much more softer and smoother, and my skin is hydrated all over with no oiliness or dry patches.

I would write an Ode to Delicious Skin & Nicola if I were in any way poetic, but I guess this essay review will do!

Highly highly recommend any one of her products. Thank you so much for being one of the natural, vegan and cruelty free products out there that well and truly WORK! And a big congratulations for a steadily growing, ethical business.


I've had problem skin since I was 13 and have tried more or less every product with varying results. My skin got particularly horrible when I was traveling a few months ago, and I was so desperate for it to go away that I thought a lot about going on Acutane. I hated the idea of doing that much damage to my body with something so harsh, but didn't know what else to do! I figured I would give the natural route one last try, and I'm so so glad I did!

The difference I've seen in the last few months alone is absolutely amazing. It's insane! So, thank you thank you thank you!


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