It feels so good to use products that are natural and free of harsh chemicals and NOT tested on animals. Plus Nicola is the sweetest women out there, and just like any other woman dealing with day to day things. Everyone needs to try it once just to see and I can guarantee you'll love it and never try anything else. 

- Katie Fleming

Cruelty free skincare! No animal testing!


Delicious Skin was born shortly after I went vegan and struggled to find a skincare range without any animal ingredients. Delicious Skin contains no beeswax, lanolin, whey, collagen or palm oil and never will! We are committed to minimising the exploitation and harm of animals and regularly donate to charities which support animal care and rehabilitation.


Our range is completely, 100% natural. We include no chemicals, fillers, parabens, flavours, colours, foaming agents, petrochemicals or synthetics! Our ingredient lists are short and understandable- as they should be! This results in a product which is safer for you, better for your skin and kinder to the environment.


At every stage we have taken steps to ensure our products are as eco friendly as possible. We have opted for recyclable, re-useable glass and aluminium housing- For example our lip salve tins hold twice the amount of product as a regular plastic tube so last a lot longer! We have avoided using unnecessary secondary packing & regularly encourage our customers to re-use their jars.


We aim to be a community which strengthens those within it. We aim encourage you to care for yourself and your planet, to help you see yourself as being worthy and wonderful. We never want you to see yourself, your skin or your body as something that needs to be fixed or perfected but as something worthy of care and nourishment. We will never post images of photoshopped or 'perfect' skin or body types because to us- we are all perfect!


Neither our products or ingredients are tested on animals. We buy from suppliers who have confirmed that they do not test on animals and have been accredited by Choose Cruelty Free. We do not sell in China where testing is mandatory. All living beings deserve a life free from cruelty, imprisonment and exploitation. Every person choosing cruelty free skincare is contributing to a kinder world- this is at the forefront of our values & mission!


All of our values combined leave us with one goal and one result we think we have pretty much nailed! For our users to nourish their skin, and nourish their souls! A gorgeous range of products which provide amazing benefits, smell ridiculous, uplift, are ethical and knock your socks off (in a good way)! A small business that aims to give back, encourage, inspire and inform our users and our community all while keeping your skin glowing, loving the planet, animals and yourself!