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I have extreme eczema, and redness and sensitive skin and this range has helped me unbelievably. It's extremely simple however effective and has given my skin such amazing results. I'm so please with the service and the quality of the products I cannot rave enough about the company. My eczema on my face and body has gone down drastically. The redness has gone down, and my skin is smooth and glowing. Incredible, especially the serum and the face mask! They're incredible together!

- Rachelle

The Delicious Skin Range

I'm not a vegan, why should I use vegan skincare?

We believe that in any area of our lives if we can cause less harm we should. Vegan Skincare is one way that you can be sure what you are using has not caused any harm on any sentient, voiceless being. Your choices send a message that it is not OK, and that you do not support it animal testing! Animal Testing is a terrible and unnecessary secret truth hidden by the beauty industry, and many skincare companies and brands still test on animals like cats, dogs and monkeys. 

We believe that this torture, death, suffering and lifelong imprisonment is totally unnecessary when natural products are so readily available and effective, and this is one of the many reasons Delicious Skin was created.

Read more about our values.

I have sensitive skin, can I use your products?

YES! All of our ingredients are natural and we use as few products as possible to cater for sensitive skin. The Delicious Skin range has been proven to be beneficial to all skin types. In fact we use essential oils which are chosen to be used on sensitive skin (and in a very minimal amount) that can also help with conditions such as redness, itchiness, dry and flaky skin. 

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What if I react to Delicious Skin?

As with any products there is always a small risk that you may be allergic to one or more of the ingredients. We have kept our products as natural as possible but even things as natural as peanuts cause reactions in some people. We have tested the product on friends, family and volunteers before releasing the range to the public. In the years Delicious Skin has been on sale we have received wonderful reviews and feedback from the thousands who have tried the range. However nothing is guaranteed and recommend you do a patch test before using the products in case of allergies. In the unlikely event of a reaction discontinue use.

How do I find the right products for my skin type?

Delicious Skin products are now categorised to help you find the products that will suit your skin type. You can find the following categories in our shop:

I have oily skin, can I use your products?

YES! Using our CLEAN Butter Cleanser will actually help clear your complexion leaving your skin moisturized, supple, and with a natural glow! Regular ‘oil free’ soapy, foamy cleansers’ actually strip your skin of all oils- leaving it feeling tight, itchy, dry and squeaky- which can lead to premature ageing. Oils are naturally produced by your skin to keep it healthy, moisturised and keep the PH balanced (which can help keep bad bacteria in line).

When the natural oils are removed, our skin begins to over compensate by producing more oil. Too much oil can trap bacteria and cause acne. It can also go the other way- if your skin is not able to compensate for those oils being removed it can end up being dry, flaky and dependent on moisturiser! CLEAN allows your skin to balance itself, bringing it back to its natural, neutral PH state with a few natural ingredients. The best way to nurture your skin’s natural oils is to use other oils that are similar in composition to cleanse- which is where our cleanser is perfect!

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Are your products organic?

Ultimately we would love all of our products to be 100% Certified Organic but this would bring the prices up to almost double! The aim when designing the line was to keep it affordable and accessible to all who want to use a natural, vegan skincare range while also keeping it Delicious! Where possible we have used organic ingredients (these are listed on the products and on our Ingredients page). Although none of our products are 100% Organic they are 100% natural, and they are ingredients you can understand! 

Delicious Skin is Choose Cruelty Free accredited.

I have dry skin, can I use your products?

YES! All of our products are incredibly rich and moisturising without leaving your skin oily. Our products are natural and encourage your skin to reach its own optimum balance where it is neither oily nor dry. Because we do not include water in any of our products they are deeply moisturising, and do not leave your skin reliant on more product when the water evaporates.

Read testimonials, praise and reviews from previous Delicious Skin users. 

If your products don't contain animal ingredients, are they as effective?

ABSOLUTELY! Natural products such as raw pressed organic oils, essential oils and delicious organic butters have been used for hundreds of years as effective, beautiful skincare. Most people notice vast improvements in their skin condition after using Delicious Skin for as little as a week.

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I'm really nervous about trying out a new skincare range

We know that it can be scary when trying a new skincare range. Having struggled with eczema and acne myself I understand that its a big leap to make to try a new range. I would recommend the TASTER Pack as a great place to start, so that you can trial the range for 2-3 weeks before committing to the full size products. However we think you'll love them, and with over 65 five ✭ reviews we are confident you'll be back for the full size jars! Read testimonials, praise and reviews from previous Delicious Skin users. 

Where are your products made?

Our products are made by hand, in Sydney Australia. We use local and imported ingredients and make small batches regularly to ensure products are fresh when you receive them. 

Caring caution

  • Keep products in a cool, dark & dry place. 
  • Always scoop product using clean hands. 
  • Use within 3 months of opening and observe best before date.
  • In the unlikely event of irritation occurring- discontinue use.