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7 ways to re-purpose your Delicious Skin Jars

One of the core values of Delicious Skin is to be eco friendly. We are so proud that we have stuck to this throughout the process of developing products and despite the cost of packaging and trouble it involves (AusPost is definitely not the friendliest to glass products! ?). One reason we like glass is that it is endlessly recyclable! Here are some of my favourite ideas to re-use your jars *spoiler* I have totally saved the best for last! 


For pretty little posies! I popped down to my local bunnings, grabbed some trial pots of paint in my favourite colours, dunked em, let as much paint drip off as possible and dried on a sheet of baking paper, moving a few times as they dried so I wouldn’t have pools of paint stuck to the bottom of the jars. Easy as pie!


Ok, I admit it- I am a total organisation NERD. Everything in my house is labelled, and I often get laughed at for it. That’s totally cool with me! I thrive on order and tidiness. I love that everything has a home! Marie Kondo’s book changed my life (if you haven’t already read it- 100% recommend.) So these little pots make my heart sing. To make these pots I dunked them in the paint and left them to dry upside down.  


Inspired by one of the most gorgeous and supportive Delicious Skin users- I was given this candle by the lovely Jessica last Christmas in one of her empty Delicious Skin jars and I love it! I have been burning it next to the bath, candles are so relaxing! Either drop in tea-light candles or fill with Soy Wax for a vegan friendly candle! Here is a beautiful tutorial.

Spice rack

I have been using my Delicious Skin Jars as storage in my spice rack for over a year now and I just keep building my collection! They are so pretty and they are stackable. I love that they are bigger than traditional bottles so I don’t need to refill them as often, and I can get my teaspoon in there! Woo!

Chia pudding


Snacks snacks snacks, I love snacks! Mix up a little trail mix with nuts, choc chips and dried fruit for your next hike. Keep a stash at work for those afternoon hunger strikes. Or grab our recipes for chia-pods 3 ways a few posts back!

Kindness Jar

This is something I learned from my years as an Early Childhood Teacher- and it is probably my favourite thing of all time. It works amazingly well with children but I think it would be just as great with lovers, family & friends. I think it’s so important and amazing to remind people of the kind things they do. That their acts of kindness are valued and appreciated. That they are loved and worthy. Designate one jar per person, decorate and put in a safe, visible spot (make one for yourself too!). Whenever that person does something lovely- write a little note and put it in the kindness jar. Whenever the mood strikes read those little notes out loud. It could be at the end of the year, when the jar is full or when you are having a bad day. There is a special kind of magic that happens when a persons worth is affirmed. Watch it happen. Make this part of your traditions! Kindness jars become much more than a jar I promise you that! If you do one thing on your list- do this!

Love ideas like this? Head over to our Pinterest for some of my favourite up-cycle projects!

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If you have any other ways to use your Delicious Skin jars please let us know by commenting below!

 xx Nicola Marie.