3 Facemask Recipes you can make at home

Natural Vegan Facemask DIY Recipes

These are simple, easy, quick and effective!

When mixing a facemask I recommend only mixing enough to use that day and discarding any leftover. Wash your face first, exfoliate gently with either a facial scrub or a facecloth, dab dry with a clean towel & then apply the mask with clean hands or a clean makeup brush. I use a cruelty free and vegan foundation brush by ELF because it feels dreamy! When fruit is specified I recommend using the ripest fresh fruit available and choosing organic where possible. Each recipe makes enough for one mask for one person to apply to face, neck and chest. Leave on till the mask dries (unless otherwise indicated) and remove with a facecloth. Follow with a thick layer of the serum and moisturiser of your choice (*hint hint* ours are brill!) before bed to let the treatment do its thing while you sleep.


Like a holiday for your skin! This mask is great if you need a little extra exfoliation or a pick me up. Pineapple is high in lactic and ascorbic acid that breaks down proteins- which your skin is made up of! I recommend you only leave this one on for a max of 10 minutes so it doesn’t begin to overwork your skin. They say there can be too much of a good thing!

  •     2 T Coconut yoghurt
  •     2 T Pureed fresh pineapple

Mix into a paste and apply


If you want to be extra fancy with this one add a dash of vanilla essence. They don’t call us Delicious Skin for nothing! We pop vanilla in a few of our products for the calming properties the scent can invoke. This mask is great for drier skin types.

  •  2 Mashed strawberries
  •  ½ Mashed banana
  • 2 T Ground oats
  • Dash of soy milk

Mix into a paste and apply!


This one reminds me of a cold and flu drink my mama used to make! It is great for acne prone skin types and to fight bacteria. We recommend only leaving this one on for 10 minutes so that the turmeric doesn’t stain.

  • 2T ground turmeric
  • 2T ground ginger
  • Juice of ½ Lemon
  • 1 T Coconut oil

Mix into a paste and apply!


This is just a random list of my favourite ingredients to use in a mask, have a go at creating your own! Sometimes, it will look completely disgusting and turn out a weird fizzy brown and sometimes it will just rock your socks off and your skin will end up silky smooth! Have a go and let me know your results!

  • Our SMOOTH Exfoliating Mask. This contains bentonite clay, which becomes magnetically charged to remove impurities from pores when activated with liquid. HOW COOL! I always add a tablespoon of this to any homemade mask I am whipping up to get added benefits.
  • Ground almonds. I recommend grinding these up fresh to get the full benefit of the natural oils that almonds hold! Try and get them super fine so they don’t scratch your skin. Great exfoliating and moisturising properties.
  • Spirulina. Full of antioxidants so this is wonderful to help repair (especially in periods of high sun exposure like Summer) and fight aging.
  • Avocado. So fatty. Much nourishing. Good hydrating. Avocado masks are super popular and for good reason! You don’t even need to add anything to this one, mashed avocado is a great facemask all on its own.
  • Cucumber. This one is awesome for cooling and calming! Blend with a dash of ice water and mix with your other chosen ingredients.
  • Aloe Vera. You can find aloe vera plants growing everywhere so keep an eye out for them and go grab a branch (go door knocking if you spy some in your neighbours yard and ask nicely!) Cut down the sides, fold open and scoop out the gelly-ish middle. Bonus points if you blend this goodness with cucumber. Word of warning- pure aloe vera is GROSS! Try not to bite your nails or get this one in your mouth!
  • Olive Oil. My Oma used to slather herself in Olive Oil and I half thought she was crazy half thought she was a wonderful witchy goddess and used to sneak it myself when she wasn’t looking! She is now 86 years old and doesn’t look a day over 60. Bless. Olive oil is high in Vit E which helps to protect skin from damaging external factors like pollution, sun etc.

Read more about the benefits of various plant-based ingredients we use in our skincare here.