Why you should use natural skincare

plant based skincare is magic!


There are so many benefits to using natural skincare. Plants and natural oils have been used for thousands of years to naturally nourish skin and there is absolutely no need to be using chemical based astringent skincare on your skin! 

The skin is your bodies largest organ and using natural skincare can help to keep that protective barrier healthy and keep your insides healthy too.

We are often so careful with what we eat- opting for organic, minimally processed foods and I believe when choosing skincare we should be thinking along the same lines. 

Whole, natural ingredients provide vitamins, nutrients and anti-oxidants that you just can't get from artificial ingredients. Read more about the natural ingredients we use in our skincare

Applying products with artificial ingredients, preservatives and chemicals to your skin can actually be worse than ingesting them! When you apply chemicals to your skin, micro-particles are absorbed through your skin and filtered straight into your bloodstream. They are then pumped around your insides including your vital organs and can accumulate over time!


There are also environmental reasons to use natural skincare. Chemicals, toxins and pollutants are washed down our drains and into our water supply or into our waterways which can affect our eco systems and the animals that live within them! Ingredients like micro beads are actually tiny pieces of plastic that are slowly accumulating and wreaking havoc. Like most plastics these ingredients can't break down and as with any product- there are always natural alternatives. 

Scary stuff right!?!

We think so! Here's what to look for in natural skincare

Think minimal

  • Can you read and understand the ingredients on your skincare? Pick up your nearest jar- does it read like a chemistry experiment or a delicious jar of skin food? 
  • How many products do you use in a day? Research says the average is 9 and I think thats an understatement. Think about your laundry liquid, hand soap, dishwashing liquid, make up, shower products and everything in between! 

Fresh as a daisy

  • Like food fresh is best! When it's fresh the ingredients are more effective so look for small batch skincare.
  • Also try and avoid products that use chemical preservatives- the shelf lives of these products can be a few years and they are also extremely irritating and drying! Look out for parabens and alcohol.

Don't be 'greenwashed'

  • Look beyond the marketing claims of big brands using terms like 'fragrance free' and 'natural'. These terms are largely unregulated and widely used by many skincare brands. If you have any questions about specific ingredients email the company in question and they should be happy to help!

Do you have any tips? Leave your comments below!