Our favourite uses for Organic Coconut Oil as natural skincare

natural uses for coconut oil as skincare

All of a sudden coconut oil is everywhere! People are screaming about the benefits, how you can smother it on everything and that it will fix it all!

I love plant based ingredients as much as the next gal and coconut oil really is amazing. There are tonnes of benefits and ways to use coconut oil.


  • It smells AMAZING! Deliciously coconutty, creamy, thick and calming. There is no denying how good it smells and feels.
  • Really great anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. This makes it wonderful for use with  oily acne prone skin as it can naturally prevent a buildup of bacteria which can cause acne.
  • Multi-purpose- from oil pulling to shaving to cooking to cleaning your face!
  • Moisturising!

Caring Caution

  • Coconut oil can be comedogenic, which means it can clog pores. When using coconut oil in skincare we recommend washing off after use with a facecloth, or using in a blend with other plant based oils, particularly if you have sensitive or acne prone skin.

Our favourite uses

  • We love and use Organic Coconut Oil in our CLEAN Butter Cleanser, SILKY Lip Salve and POLISHED All Over Scrub!
  • Shaving- oil creates a naturally slippery and protective barrier which makes it perfect for shaving! Just be careful of the slippery tub it also creates. 
  • Oil pulling- melt and swish around your mouth for 15 minutes. This helps with gum health, killing bacteria and whitening teeth! Just don't swallow after use and spit into a garbage bin to prevent clogging drains. 
  • Raw foods- a great substitute for butter in raw vegan treats and deserts! When cold coconut oil hardens, which can help hold ingredients together. It also provides a delicious coconutty hint!
  • Cooking- coconut oil has a high smoke point which is great for cooking with! One of my favourite quick dinners is firm tofu, pressed and thinly sliced and fried with coconut oil, maple syrup and a dash of orange juice atop a green salad. 
  • Massage- I keep a jar of coconut oil for beauty purposes and one in the kitchen! It makes a great massage oil to show your partner some lovin! 
  • In a DIY natural body scrub! We'll be posting an Oaty DIY body scrub in a few weeks, make sure to sign up to our newsletter to recieve a notification when it goes live! 

Do you have any other favourite uses for coconut oil? Let us know below!