10 random and amazing tips to use our natural skincare

Delicious Skin Natural Skincare Range

Delicious Skin is all natural, so natural that you can use it for multiple purposes- not just what it says on the label!


Here are some of my all time faves:


CLEAN Butter Cleanser


Essential oils have this way of bringing you back into the present moment, to ground and re-centre. If I am stressing out or my mind is running away with me I just apply this to my wrists and neck and take a big whiff! Taking just a moment to have a mini minute of self-care in your day is incredibly important in this super fast paced world.


Our cleanser has a base of organic coconut oil and grapeseed oil- the perfect slippery base for a massage! Take a generous scoop, melt between palms and get in there. Massages have endless benefits- and with the addition of peppermint (which can help relax muscles) and lavender (with relaxing properties) this makes our CLEAN the holy grail of massage oils!


CLEAN is all natural and gentle enough to use around the eye area and removes all traces of makeup! Take a pea-sized amount, rub between palms and gently massage into the eye area. Wipe off makeup and cleanser with a cotton pad or facecloth and then cleanse as usual. 


SUPPLE Silk Serum


Peppermint oil can help relax and open the vessels which control blood flow to the brain. It can also help clear sinuses and increase oxygen intake. I apply a few dabs to my temples and massage in a circular motion. We also have a pressure point in the fleshy part between our thumb and forefinger. I rub a dab here and squeeze gently!


The chamomile and lavender can calm redness and irritation and take the itch away from itchy bites/ hives etc. I used to be the worlds most chronic itcher. Having suffered from eczema my whole life itch is just one thing I cant deal with. I become irritated and it is all I can focus on, not to mention that mosquitos absolutely love me and I come up with bumps the size of a 50 cent piece quicker than you can say “where’s the bug spray!” I cannot leave the house without a mini bottle of SUPPLE in my purse, you never know when those suckers will strike!


We use Organic Argan Oil as one of the base oils for our SUPPLE and it is an amazing, deeply moisturizing oil that is also great for hair! I use a pea-sized amount and smooth through from the mid lengths to the end of my hair while it is still wet and then style as normal!


Just like the lavender and chamomile take out the redness and inflammation from itchy bites- they also work the same way after shaving! Shaving can cause micro tears and irritation in skin, and the peppermint and tea-tree also provide anti-bacterial properties, to prevent infection. SUPPLE is refreshing and uplifting, deeply moisturising & doesn’t sting or dry skin like traditional aftershave products. Sharing is caring- your guy is gonna enjoy this one too.


SOFT Moisturising Cream


I am so blessed to say that I live near the beach and swim A-LOT! Some days I manage to get 2 swims in if I am organised, but salty water can wreak havoc on your hair! It dries it out which can lead to split ends and breakage. I melt a scoop between my palms and rub through the mid lengths and ends. SOFT is packed with nourishing ingredients like organic cacao butter, almond oil and avocado oil. They are super nourishing- so moisturise and treat hair to strengthen, but also provide a thick barrier between hair and that drying salt!


As I mentioned earlier I have always suffered from eczema. Making some changes in my life like going vegan, decreasing refined sugar intake, cutting out any skincare or cleaning products with nasty ingredients (like chemical fragrances, colours, preservatives, SLS, SLES) in them and increasing my intake of probiotics have all made a huge difference. But as someone who used wear long sleeves and pants (even in Summer!) to cover my elbows and behind my knees, used steroid creams my whole life, and has suffered huge self-confidence challenges because of having such chronic eczema- I can honestly say I tried it all! The SOFT Moisturising Cream has become my saviour in this respect. I no longer use steroid creams- just this! I layer it on thick and regularly when I find a patch popping up and repeat until it’s gone. It helps to keep it from drying out and relieves the itch! Since using this approach I haven’t had any patches reach the stage of cracking/ bleeding that they so commonly used to. If you have been through this- I know you will feel my pain. If you give it a go please let me know your thoughts!*


SILKY Lip Salve


I often use our SILKY on my cuticles because I always carry a tin in my handbag and it is perfect to quickly apply while I am on the bus, watching TV or hanging with friends! It smells amazing (lets face it, chocolatey hands are definitely a good idea!) and can help prevent hangnails- you know those awful random bits of skin that stick up next to your finger nails? Their only purpose is pain and destruction? Hangnails. I type that word with such disdain. Yep those evil fuckers. Banish the hangnail, use SILKY. 

Do you have a favourite way that you use Delicious Skin that’s a little different or out of the box? I would absolutely LOVE to hear it! Leave a comment below, or get in touch using our contact page to let me know! If you give any of these a go I would also love to hear your thoughts, I read every comment and every email, and your input means the world to me :)

Have a lovely week! 

xx Nicola. 

*Disclaimer- these tips are simply sharing my own experience. I am not a medical professional and don’t recommend that these tips would work for everyone, in every circumstance. If you are currently using prescription medication I recommend speaking with a doctor before deciding to stop its use.