Nicola Marie

delicious skin founder

Tell us about your history – what led you to where you are today?

A few years ago I sold everything I owned to buy snowboard and chase snow. I left on my own and moved to a beautiful little town in the rocky mountains of Canada. I quickly fell in love with the town and in some strange twist of fate I also fell in love – and 2 months later we were living together! It was one of those whirlwind romances; no one could quite believe it all happened so fast! Of course all my plans changed & that lovely town became home for 2 ½ years. Somewhere along the way I watched a documentary called “Vegucated” that literally made me turn Vegan overnight! 

In such a small town I struggled to find good vegan food, but I also struggled to find good Vegan skincare! It is extremely dry in Canada, so having eczema and extremely acne prone skin it was a big problem for me. After a lot of research and a few trial batches, I had the answer­– and it was the most amazing thing I had ever used! I gave some to friends and family and everyone loved it! Over a year later after a few more batches, positive feedback and TONNES of encouragement I decided to make a business out of it!

What do you wish you knew about the skincare industry before you got started?

I wish I knew more about animal testing. I would have stopped buying most products years ago! I think most people have this image of people in white coats putting lipstick on bunnies and just checking they don’t react to it, I certainly did –but the reality is people breed those animals specifically for testing. They have selectively bred beagles for this purpose, so that they are docile and don’t resist.

Those people in white coats take dogs, bunnies and cats, they put them in a box with an opening for their head so they can’t move or get away, then they force their eyes open with metal clamps, take the most dangerous chemicals they plan on using and then drop it in their eyes. They record the results – Did they die? Did they go blind? Sometimes the animals are killed if the damage is irreversible. Sometimes they are put back in their tiny cages for the next test. Then they dilute the horrible chemical substance and try again. They do this until they can find a ‘safe’ level of chemicals to put in your skincare. What are they putting in our products if this sort of testing is necessary? And for what purpose?! It makes me so upset to think about it.

We have all had contact with these animals. We know how loving they are. We know they all have personalities and crave love and affection. But because of our vanity some animals are subjected to a cruel life – and it is not ok! It’s a hard truth, and one that some people don’t want to face – but also one that some people genuinely have no idea about.

I think it’s important to spread the message – don’t support that cruel industry!

Your whole skincare range is cruelty-free & Vegan what were your main reasons behind this?

I truly think that in any area of our lives if we can cause less harm to animals, and to the planet, then we should. 

I try to make small changes wherever I can. I always carry a reusable bag, I never buy bottled water, use takeaway coffee or smoothie cups. I always have an arsenal of glass jars within an arms reach (which drives Levi crazy! He’s always finding lids and bottles scattered around the house!).

We don’t need animal products, animal testing or planet destroying ingredients like palm oil to have fantastic skincare. We can all make a difference, and every dollar is a vote for the future. I choose to spend mine on natural, organic, ethical products, local produce and local businesses – and that was the part of the reason Delicious Skin was born!