Sweat it out! Workout for healthy skin

Workout, stretch and sweat for healthy skin

We blogged a few weeks back about how sweating it out is so wonderful for keeping skin healthy

Samira is a Personal Trainer with a Diploma in Fitness and is currently completing a Diploma in Nutritional Medicine! Talk about BOSS! You can find her on FB or IG by searching See Body Solutions. This workout is suitable for all levels and you can do it at home with no equipment! 

Simple Full body At Home Workout

Repeat each round for 3 sets each 

Hip Bridge x 20

Superman x 20

Squat with alternate straight leg abduction x 20

Push up x 15

Reverse Lunge with high knee x 10 each leg

V ups x 20

Squat jumps in and out x 20

Tricep dips x 15

Plank 3 Ways 30 Secs each side