Winter skincare lovin'- tips and tricks for dry skin

Winter skincare

Winter is the driest time of year and our skin can do with a bit of extra lovin during these months!

Here are our top tips and picks for healthy skin and naturally nourishing skincare products for dry skin.

Drink up

Try and stay hydrated! When you are dehydrated your skin will tell you. It loses its elasticity and overtime dehydrated, dry skin can age faster and heal slower.

Keep up your skincare routine

It's so easy to get home, rug up and neglect our skin! Over summer you may find yourself shaving and moisturising more often, but in winter your skin needs that moisture just as much and possibly even more.

Night time care

It's important to cleanse and moisturise every night! Sleep is not just good for our brains and bodies, it's the time our skin heals and rejuvenates too. It's the perfect time to wash away the day and load up your skin with the nutrients it needs.


Sweet, uplifting, refreshing and deeply nourishing! Using polished can also help with lymphatic drainage and circulation. The winter blues are also a thing, and sweet orange essential oil has been proven to have antidepressant properties. Plus giving yourself sometime to look after yourself, and look after your skin is can't hurt either! Use once or twice a week to scrub away those dead skincells and naturally nourish your way to moisturised, healthy skin.


Thick and long lasting! We're often told that our SOFT smells like a delicious combination of cookies/ cakes/ easter eggs. PERFECT! I use SOFT everywhere! On my eczema, hands, heels, legs, arms, elbows face and occasionally even hair. Slather on after a bath or shower to warm skin, rug up and enjoy that chocolatey scented goodness- without the artificial fragrances. 


Pucker up baby! Lips are often the first area to dry out, especially when dehydrated. But whats worse is the drying ingredients like petroleum that are packed into traditional lip care- yes even that cult classic red tube most people swear by! YUCK! You always consume a portion of whats on your lips and petroleum is not something I want to be inside me- I prefer treats like these in my digestive tract! Other common ingredients like lanolin and beeswax aren't exactly cruelty free and definitely aren't vegan. If you're into ethical, eco friendly and kind skincare- Delicious Skin SILKY is the tin for you! Available in three flavours, and they don't leave your lips addicted or crying for more like other lip balms.