The best way to cleanse your face

Cleanse with a facecloth for best results

Choose natural skincare

I've said it before, I'll say it again! Choose natural skincare! I can't stress it enough, and there is literally no reason not too.

The product's you choose and use are being smeared across your bodies biggest organ. The ingredients are absorbed into your bloodstream and circulated through your vital organs! That's pretty scary stuff! Depending on your choices, your skincare can be something you use to nourish and care for your skin, or irritate and inflame it. It's worth taking that time to read labels, get to know the ingredients you are using and invest in good quality, effective skincare. Whenever possible, we choose whole, fresh and organic foods to nourish our insides. Why wouldn't it be the same with our skincare? 

Choose natural, your skin will thank you for it!

Cut out SLS SLES, foaming, stripping stuff

This is another one of my top tips I shout from the rooftops as often as I can! I get emails all the time from people who are having problems with their skin - whether it's redness, flaky patches or skin conditions such as eczema. My first question is always "what are you using that's foamy, does it contain SLS or SLES?" AKA Sodium Laurel Sulfate or Sodium Laureth Sulfate. Check all of your ingredients right now for these nasties, and get rid of them! You'll find this stuff in facewash, body wash, toothpaste and even baby products! Ew. It never ceases to amaze me. These ingredients have been proven to be extremely irritating to ALL skin types, and irritations can develop over time. So even if you're not having any of these symptoms now, it's one ingredient you can definitely do without. 

Cleanse every night!

Like most things, consistency is key! I'm the first to admit that before Delicious Skin I always struggled to get into a routine of skincare every morning and every night. I had problem skin without a doubt, acne and eczema were everyday concerns well into my mid 20's. I was resigned to believing that it was an issue I would battle for my entire adult life. 

When I created Delicious Skin, moving from supermarket brand skincare was a breath of fresh air! From using products packed with petro-chemicals, irritants and fragrances to natural skincare with whole, natural ingredients and beautiful, uplifting essential oil blends I noticed a huge difference. Almost instantly. Within a week! Two things happened. 

1- I started to LOVE caring for my skin.  I loved the feel of the butter cleanser, I loved the feelings I had caring for my skin every night. It became part of a relaxing night time ritual I considered my self love or me time. It helped me sleep better. And I realised how much I had actually hated the feeling of using a foaming facial cleanser without realising it! Recently I actually tried another natural facial cleanser (without SLS or SLES of course!) for research purposes and it was gross! Never going back! Find your jam, find a product you love and the consistency will come. 

2- My skin improved drastically. And I mean drastically. It cleared up, it smoothed out and it the pimples slowly stopped comin to call. It was a revelation. My makeup sat better, the dry patches dissapeared and I knew I was onto something. 

I recomend cleansing twice a day, morning and night. But the reason I say cleanse every night is that in reality, most people don't! If you just choose one, choose nights! This modern world we live in is full pollutants and toxins and you absolutely need to get those off your skin before you sleep. They don't call it beauty sleep for nothin' 

This is the time your mind, body and skin takes to heal and build new cells. Get the gunk off, even if you can't see it, it's there! 

Use a facecloth

The CLEAN Butter Cleanser is our most popular product. It's the first product I created and its been a game changer for me and for many others without a doubt. Most of the reviews and emails we receive are about this product, if you're looking to try one, try this!

But you may not know that most people are using it wrong!  Because it's different from the traditional foaming cleanser, it's not water soluble. The principle of oil cleansing is that like attracts like. The oils we use in our butter cleanser trap oils and are anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. So they help get rid of any bacteria your skin may have accumulated over the day and clean your skin, but without stripping it or drying it out. 

Don't over exfoliate!

The golden rules of exfoliation:

  1. Not too often
  2. Not to harsh

One of the most common questions I get is from people with dry flaky skin, who have been scrubbing daily. I get it, it seems like the perfect solution! But daily scrubbing can aggravate and inflame flaky irritated skin.

The same can be said for scrubbing too hard, or using very gritty exfoliant. Our SMOOTH is the perfect exfoliant for sensitive skin as it is very fine and soft. 


Pat, don't rub! Rubbing can cause micro tears + enhance those pesky flaky patches. 


Last but definitely not least! Slather it on while your skin is still warm for best absorption. If you use a serum + moisturiser, apply your serum first. 

Just let that sink it. 

If you've got any questions or tips of your own, please leave em below! I'd love to hear em :) 

Till next time

xx Nicola