The benefits of plant based oils in natural skincare

Oil cleansing benefits

We often attend markets in person and the first thing people say to us when they try products like our Cleanser or Serum is-

"But it's oily, won't it make my skin oily?"

This is a huge and widespread misconception and its unfortunately promoted by brands who market their products as being 'oil free' and are instead packed with fillers like water! But using 'oil free' products can actually increase oil production!

Why does my skin get oily?

Oil is your bodies natural way to keep your skin moisturised. When your oil glands are operating effectively you should have just the right amount to keep those dry flakes at bay. It is also a natural anti-aging mechanism- when your skin is hydrated it is better able to heal and repair itself. 

What really makes your skin oily

Hormones can definitely come into play here, but one thing that can hugely exacerbate normal oil production is using astringent skincare which strips your skin. This generally includes anything that foams. You know that feeling when you get out of the shower, you've washed your face and you get that tight feeling on your face? This is a sign your skincare is actually drying you out, and can lead to overproduction of oil!

Counterintuitive and confusing right!?

A normal amount of oil is great and healthy, but an overproduction of oil is what leads to dirt and bacteria being trapped and eventually acne. If you wear makeup, it can also affect how your it stays on during the day. Ain't nobody got time fo dat!

Benefits of using oil based skincare for oily skin

Using oil based cleanser like our CLEAN can effectively clean skin without drying it out. It's a different way to clean and users often notice the difference from the first use. Your skin feels soft and clean, but never dry or tight.

Top tip- wash off with a facecloth to remove all traces of dirt! 

In our SUPPLE we've also chosen to use oils which are considered 'dry' oils. This means that they are close to your skins natural PH levels and absorb quickly. Organic Rosehip is high in antioxidants and Argan Oil is deeply nourishing and moisturising. So for people with oily skin SUPPLE is generally enough to use as a day or night moisturiser.

Top tip- apply straight out of the shower/ bath while your skin is still warm for optimum absorption. Pat skin dry and use one pump to cover face and neck. 

Both products also include some of our favourite essential oils:

  • lavender: helps with balancing oil production
  • peppermint: refreshing and can help improve the texture of dull skin
  • tea-tree: powerful anti-bacterial properties
  • chamomile: cooling and calming, can help reduce redness.

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