Get some sparkly inspiration in your life!


Hey you sweet thang!

So every Monday on Instagram we share an inspirational image and quote- it’s part of how we like to kick off the week with a positive attitude, a reminder to stay grounded and be present. For me it seems to be so therapeutic and even though the posts are pre-planned they always seem to come at exactly the right time I need them in my life.

The universe works in mysterious ways!

This week my phone went AWOL- and although it’s a material object I can live without (and every time I felt myself tearing up about it I kept thinking #firstworldproblems) it was undeniably devastating- mostly because all of the photos I hadn’t recently backed up! I had a huge cry on Sunday night and woke up still  feeling pretty deflated on Monday. This reminder “Keep Calm, Stay Positive” which was planned for this week was an intense reminder to me to take a breath and push through whatever life is throwing at you!

I have included a couple of my faves so far in a form that you can download and use as your home or lock screen so that every time you look at your phone you get that little bit of magic that we usually reserve for Monday mornings.

Hope you love them as much as I do! Feel free to share with friends using the share button below!