#loveyoself Interview with Holly


Oh Hello Again!

We really have big plans for this series. Spending a big portion of my time on social media as part of running Delicious Skin has taught me SOOOO MUCH and one of those things is that more than ever we are experiencing this insane bombardment of the ‘perfect body’, ‘perfect skin’ & the ‘perfect life’. It is damn near impossible to scroll through your feed and look at these snapshot, filtered, photoshopped, staged images and not compare. And I am here to tell you its not real, and its not what we should be aiming for.

I am going to be 100% honest with you when I say I sometimes my skin has its ups and downs- I get dry eyebrows and forehead and have constantly battled with acne since I was 12 and I literally tried everything, the pill, harsh cleansers and everything in between. After using Delicious Skin for 2 years its better than its ever been- but that doesn’t mean that every once in a while I don’t get a spot I wish I could pretend is a freckle! Sometimes I wonder if I have too much cellulite. I am human. I am real just like you. But I want to change the idea of perfect- with your help, and with the help of some AMAZING women and men who have already volunteered to be a part of this series. Because I am beautiful, I am strong, I am kind, I am able & I am enough! AND SO ARE YOU! I want this series to empower you just as it has me- and just as it has those who have already been involved.

If you want to be involved with this movement leave a comment below or drop us an email using our contact form! Seriously, do it. I wanna hear from you, and so does the rest of the world, your story is valuable and beautiful and so are you. I look forward to your email!

Without further adieu- here is the gorgeous Holly- may we all be as fearless and true to ourselves as she is!

xoxo Nicola Marie

Tell us 5 things that you love about yourself (at least!) But you can tell us more if you like.

My hair, my wit / playfulness, my a$$, my singing voice, my caring nature.

Tell us something quirky about yourself.

I collect books about art and psychology usually for the pictures so I can cut them out and use them in collages.

Who do you admire and why?

Artist Tracey Emin, her work is so powerful, honest, and raw. I can really relate to a lot of her pieces and appreciate the feminist undertones found in a lot of her paintings. And of course the amazing women in my life who guide and support me!

What is your favourite inspirational quote? 

“Slow down. Calm Down. Don’t worry. Don’t hurry. Trust the process.”

If you could go back 10 years and give yourself some advice as you developed your sense of identity and confidence- what would you say?

Be fearless in being your authentic and true self.