#loveyoself- Interview with Cheyney


Oh hi there!

This is our first interview in a new series we are starting with a lovely human who radiates gratitude and happiness. I loved reading this, it made me laugh out loud and I definitely said a few ‘amens’ when it came to the advice for your younger self. I hope it resonates with you as much as it did with me! If you want to be involved with this movement hit reply now! Seriously, do it. I wanna hear from you, and so does the rest of the world, your story is valuable and beautiful and so are you.

xoxo Nicola Marie. 

What is your name or what do people call you?

My name is Cheyney (soft ‘Ch’, sounds like ‘Sh’) but various people call me the following: Chey, Chey-Chey, CrayChey, Cheynz, Cheynaynay, Cheyniqwa, Chinwa, Chinnie, Chinz, Chegnog, Cheggy, or my least favorite: Cheyney (with a hard ‘Ch’, like in Cheese).

Tell us 5 things that you love about yourself (at least!) But you can tell us more if you like!

I love that I am a good friend and family member to many. I am so fortunate to have so many unbreakable bonds and relationships in my life.

People can make me laugh more than I can make them laugh but I have been able to get some giggles out of people. I love both these things: The ability to laugh and not take things too seriously but also to make someone else laugh. Laughter is infectious.

I love wearing my hair curly after I have washed it. That first day of freshly washed curls “rocking the ‘fro” as someone once put it. I feel empowered and the most honest version of myself when my hair is unmanageable. A gentle reminder that not everything can be controlled.

I love that I can get sh*t done. I pride myself on dedication, efficiency, multitasking and excellent time management skills.

Tell us something quirky about yourself. 

Someone else told me I do this and I started to notice as soon as it was pointed out: I push my sleeves up in preparation for most things. Like a call to action. Haha. Not that I do ANYTHING that involves my sleeves to get dirty? An example where this might occur. Friend: “Let’s go to the beach?” Cheyney: (aggressively pushes sleeves up) “Yeah mint, sounds good.” Haha. Don’t know WHERE that comes from? Oh man, or my sleep talking – Has provided some entertaining stories…

Who do you admire and why?

Anyone with the right balance between strength, kindness and ambition. Particularly those who have suffered hard knocks during their life and have managed to pick themselves up, dust themselves off, and use their past experiences to guide their futures into a positive direction. Haha an example would be someone like Oprah? But there are so many people who aren’t rich and famous that are admirable and an inspiration. I admire all of my friends.

What is your favourite inspirational quote?

I’m a sucker for quotes from artists I admire and respect. I have so many favorites, this is just one of them: “Intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings.” Salvador Dali.

What do you love about Delicious Skin?

In the way of the products: I love the way the Butter Cleanser in particular feels on my skin. It’s so silky straight after use. My skin absorbs the goodness, it is nourished and radiant because of it! Since using the Butter Cleanser my pimples have subsided too. In the way of the brand: Nicola – You are SUCH an inspiration and I just love being around you because I get positively charged whenever I am in contact with you. You’re such a vibrant and powerful force who is genuine and down to earth. Your products are a direct reflection of you and no wonder they’re so wonderful!

If you could go back 10 years and give yourself some advice as you developed your sense of identity and confidence- what would you say?

Go for more walks. Get outside and enjoy the fresh air. Sweat more, It feels good. Embrace your hair colour and start growing out the dye!