Life lessons from the Coogee Womens pool!

Coogee beach

Ok so we all have those days where you are not feeling your best. When the fabulous you you love is taking a nap somewhere in a corner but you still have to haul your ass outa bed and get shit done. Whether it’s work or kids or house cleaning or family or friends we all have responsibilities that some days we wish we could avoid right!? I can say amen, I 100% have those days! Lately I have been having more than I would like- but I took my own advice and I am so glad I did! It started of AH-MAZ-ING-LY the night before- here’s what happened:

I got my workout gear out for the next day. Had a cup of Celestial Sleepytime Vanilla Tea (seriously do your self a favour) went to be nice and early, read a chapter of #girlboss, wrote in my “One line a day; 5 year memory book” and then snuggled on down with my kitty and my boy for a peaceful nights sleep. Perfect right!?

My alarm went off right on schedule at 6 am and I just was not feeling it- I rolled over grumbling for 1 WHOLE HOUR! That’s like 7 snoozes! Who am I even? When I finally begrudgingly opened my eyes I unplugged my phone and proceeded to scroll through facebook, instagram, email, instagram, facebook for the next 20 minutes. I just was not feeling Tuesday this week! But somehow, eventually, I forced myself out of bed.

I decided to complete my morning routine- even though it started late and boy am I glad I did. I got up, had my hot water and lemon with cayenne pepper and got outside for a walk. As I walked I was listening to music and getting more and more pumped about life. It was sunny and I was feeling it, and feeling proud of myself that I had made that conscious decision and action to put my shoes on and do what makes my soul shine. I walked for 60 minutes, kicked my own ass doing squats, lunges, sit ups and push ups in the park. These things always make me feel like some kind of beyonce/ super woman but today I also decided to go for swim in the Coogee women’s pool which is sort of like a heaven on earth. This is where the good part starts- but first a disclaimer!

Like many women, I have always struggled with body image, confidence and self love issues.

As you may know I have always had eczema, and I had fairly bad acne until I was 24 (and started this skincare range! Yay for that!), I have always struggled with my weight, I was in an accident when I was 4 that left me with part of my ankle missing and a few huge scars (including avery visible large skin graft on my thigh). Kids can be mean and so I used to hide it all as much as I could! Long sleeves to cover my eczema even in the heat of summer (which made it soooo much worse!), crazy thick (and often mismatched) foundation and a phobia of swimsuits.

Hi I am Nicola and YES I have to work hard at loving myself!

So I get to the women’s pool and I look around and see bodies of all shapes and sizes. I feel comfortable- and thought hallelujah there are women here who look just like me! There was an older lady there swimming laps like a boss in a shower cap, a visor and some of those giant black sunglasses which go over your regular glasses. She was naked as the day she was born and I looked at her and just thought-

“not a single fuck was given”

And we should all be more like her! Sun smart, loving life, adventuring, making the most of our capabilities and just generally living like a baddass.

When I got home I finished my morning routine with a new found sense of pride and happiness! I dry body brushed and said my affirmations in front of the mirror, showered, made a green smoothie and started my work day with so much enthusiasm.


That is how I want to live my life. Celebrating my abilities like a boss, having daily adventures, doing things I love and work that I love that brings me joy, sparks confidence and passing that on to others! 

What brings you joy and sparks confidence? Leave a comment below I would love to know!