Delicious Skin price increase from Sep 1


The prices of all Delicious Skin products will soon be increasing by 20%. This is a tough post to write, but I think it's important for you to understand the reasons behind this decision. 

I'm about to get real with you all, as honest as the skincare I make! Hopefully you can see why I have made this decision and can still choose to support a small, locally made business. 

I have tried to keep Delicious Skin affordable for a long time, because I believe in these products and I want them to be accessible to as many people as possible! I want people to choose and use ethical, eco-friendly and amazing skincare. I believe in making these choices for the flow on effects of our planet and the animals that have no voice and are still being used in testing or harvesting. 

I also make and share these products, because of the amazing things they have done for my skin and for all of you! The feedback I have had from users has been phenomenal and believe me when I say- it's one of the main reasons I believe that this business needs to succeed. 

This change is necessary for a number of reasons. 

  • When originally setting prices I did not take into account GST #oops #stilllearning #businessishard
  • In the past year, prices of packaging, raw ingredients and postage have increased. I have absorbed these costs.
  • I have been running Delicious Skin for almost 2 years now while also working a full time job! It's a labour of love that is slowly wearing me out. My relationships and my self care is suffering and it's not sustainable.
  • Our operating costs are quite high- glass packaging, small batches made by hand and no cheap fillers in our range, some other brands contain up to 90% water! Ours are 100% goodness!

For those of you who already use the range and know the benefits I think you'll agree that it is worth it- and the products are very concentrated so do go a long way. So despite our current predicament I still believe the range will be affordable and totally worth it! 

To say thank you to loyal followers and users, I'll be sending out occasional extras like mini's or samples with regular orders. You can view the full price list below and be sure to place your order before 1 Sep to take advantage of the current prices. 

If you use the range, are thinking about it or know someone who does- I would love to hear your thoughts on this change. Please leave a comment below and let me know your thoughts, or get in touch on our contact page - I always love to hear from you!

Yours sincerely,

Nicola Marie

Delicious Skin- revised price list

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